CO2 Monitoring Device

This CO2 monitoring device provides you with real-time information about the exact level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a room.

The CO2 Monitor Comes with:

Remote Digital Display – Traffic Light Display

Wall Attachment

Displays the level of CO2, temperature and humidity level

An audible alarm when the threshold CO2 level is exceeded. This can be switched on and off

Warrenty: 2 years

Dimensions: 38.8 x 28.8 x 4.3cm

WM-100 Wall Mounted

DTWM 200 Desktop or Wall Mounted

DT-300 Desktop

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Our Co2 monitors are ideal for Monitoring the Air Quality in Rooms

According to the national Association for the preservation and Improvement of Air Quality, air contains 0.04% CO2 on average. From a certain concentration in air, this gas can be hazardous and even fatal. The exposure limit vaue is 3% over a maximum period of 15 minutes. This threshold should never be exceeded. Above it, the health effects become more serious as the concentration of CO2 increases:

Health Affects Caused by Too Much CO2 in the Air

  • At 2% CO2 in air, respiratory amplitudeand difficulties increase
  • At 4% respiratory rate increases
  • At 10% there may be visual disturbances, tremors and sweating
  • At 15% there is sudden loss of consciousness
  • At 25%, respiratory arrest leads to death.

Other Effects of CO2 Poisoning

A high concentration of CO2 over along period of time can cause multiple symptoms harmful to the room’s occupants: lack of concentration, fatique, irration, headaches, etc. According to the Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) the regulatory limit values for CO2 concentrations internationally range from 1000 to 1500 ppm.

CO2 concentration display :  3 levels : Low – Intermediate – High

The alarm on the CO2 monitor which can easily be switched on or off, quickly alerts the people in the room if the level of CO2 is too high.

Useful tip: Immediately ventilate the room in order to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide.

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