HSE AFFINITY National Falls and Bone Health Project – May 2019

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About AFFINITY (2018-2023): This project has been set-up to;

  • increase awareness of the preventable nature of falls
  • empower older people, communities and health and social care providers to reduce the risk and rate of falling where possible
  • reduce the severity of injuries, and
  • promote the best possible outcomes for people who have suffered a falls-related injury.

The project, which is collaboration between the HSE and the State Claims Agency, aims to coordinate the development of a comprehensive falls and fracture prevention system. Such a system involves all parties focusing on a common agenda of reducing falls and fractures and their impacts.

This can be achieved by bringing together and integrating primary prevention, secondary prevention and rehabilitation as well as measuring outcomes collectively.

Further information about the AFFINITY project can be found at: www.hse.ie/affinity Priorities for 2019:

The following priorities have been identified for 2019

  • Framework / Guidance for Integrated Falls and Bone Health Services: The AFFINITY project team is developing a guidance for integrated falls services at community health organisation (CHO)/ hospital level which is intended to be ready for consultation mid-year. This work is progressing through AFFINITY’s Community Residential and Independent Living / Community Supported work streams.
  • Evaluation: We are working with the Centre for Effective Services (CES) on planning evaluation at two levels. o The overall project evaluation and o a standardised approach to measuring and monitoring existing and new falls and bone health services as they are commissioned.
  • 2 nd AFFINITY Symposium: Following on from the inaugural AFFINITY Symposium in October last year, the 2nd AFFINITY Symposium will be held on: 18th September 2019. Venue: Chartered Accountants House, Dublin. Registration will open shortly.
  • Service User Materials Development: The development of Falls & Bone Health information for service users is a priority for 2019. As well as ensuring people have access to accurate and useful information, the material will May 2019 be published online and will be a resource for Falls & Bone Health services around the country.

Source  https://www.hse.ie